Pharmaceutical shipments amid Red Sea tensions

The shipping industry has faced huge challenges over the past five years, from a pandemic to severe international conflicts, each demanding innovative solutions.

Since November last year, the industry’s resilience has been tested again, this time by continuous Houthi attacks in the Red Sea. These assaults and resulting disruptions pose severe challenges, not just to the ships and their cargo. They threaten the timely delivery of life-saving pharmaceuticals worldwide.

The risk of rerouting

The Suez Canal, a vital trade route for pharmaceuticals, is in jeopardy. Normally, the canal sees 17,000 ships a year, making up 12% of global trade[i].

Now, with ships rerouting around the Horn of Africa, adding 4,000 miles and 30% more to their journey[ii], the effects ripple through the global shipping network. Ships arriving off-schedule lead to congestion at ports, with vessels and containers bunched up, waiting for available docks.

The longer transit time and delays puts the supply of temperature-sensitive medicines at risk, leading to potential shortages and treatment delays.

A sustainable alternative

In response, air freight becomes a strategic, immediate solution to bypass these disruptions. It offers speed and reliability, critical for delivering temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals without delay.

While air freight might initially appear to have a higher carbon footprint, transitioning from sea to air need not sacrifice environmental goals.

The cold chain industry is adopting lightweight, space-efficient containers to maximise the available cargo space. There’s also a shift towards reusable “forever-use” containers to decrease waste and extend the lifespan of shipping materials.

Your partner in crisis

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In the face of ongoing Red Sea tensions, air freight offers a viable, responsible alternative to keep vital pharmaceuticals moving. With m88官方下载, you have a partner ready to support your immediate logistics needs while adhering to environmental commitments.