m88官方下载 Enhances Network Capabilities with unlimited One-Way leases between our main regions for e containers

Catherine Taylor Communication & Content Manager

Effective February 1st, 2024, m88官方下载 will enhance our already market leading network capabilities by opening our business for unlimited One-Way leases between our main regions North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific for our e containers, offering unprecedented flexibility and efficiency to pharmaceutical shippers worldwide.

Niklas Adamsson, Chief Operating Officer of m88官方下载 said of the change: "This strategic move underscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of the pharmaceutical industry. By offering unlimited One-Way leases between our main regions, we aim to empower pharmaceutical shippers with enhanced flexibility and efficiency in transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals."

In addition to the One-Way lease expansion, m88官方下载 will also enhance its e container capabilities within stations situated in Brazil, Puerto Rico, Dubai, and Israel. For Releye®, we will also significantly increase our network capabilities between North America, Europe, and Asia*.

*Asia: China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong

This initiative will simplify returns processes for customers and work towards improving the sustainability of shipments by reducing empty container movements.

More details will follow about these exciting changes in the coming weeks.

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